Best Hotels In Nephi, Utah

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What Are The Best Hotels In Nephi, Utah And What Are People Saying About Them?

Due to the fact that Nephi, Utah is a small city with just a little over 4,200 people living there, you might be tempted into thinking that there are not many hotels in Nephi, Utah that you can stay at. This is not actually the case. In fact, there are 6 options that are available and all of them are great according to those that visited. There are some minor problems that appeared but nothing too serious to report.

Let us now think about the 6 places that you can stay at and see what hotels in Nephi, Utah you will want to consider.  Or, just stay on the road a bit further until you make it to Southern Utah.  Then, stay at, which is considerably nicer than anything in Nephi.

  1. National 9 Inn

This is one of the hotels in Nephi, Utah that is really popular among tourists. A room in this hotel from Nephi, Utah will cost you over $58 but the conditions are definitely among the best. Most people that stayed said that they got much more than they expected and that is always a pretty good review.

  1. Best Western Paradise Inn

This is one of the hotels in Nephi, Utah that also gets very good, constant reviews. Most people that stayed were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the outdoor pool and according to reviews; the staff is really friendly and professional. A night here will cost a little over $93.

  1. Safari Motel

Not many reviews exist on the Internet about the Safari Hotel in Nephi, Utah. Unfortunately, most of the opinions are mixed and this basically means that you might want to dig deeper and ask around. The biggest advantage is the price. If you are on a budget the hotel is recommended since one night will cost you just a little over $57.

  1. Super 8

One of the simple looking hotels in Nephi, Utah but one that surely offers everything that you might need. Considering the price of around $60 per night, we can say that you get quite a lot for your money. If you are looking for a quiet place to stay where there are not many clients in the rooms at the same time, Super 8 might be the best choice in Nephi, Utah.

  1. Economy Lodge

The owners of this hotel definitely got it right and the choice of the name was inspired. A room costs around $50 and the quality is around medium. As always with such locations, the opinions are mixed. However, when you need a cheap place to stay, this is definitely a place that you want to visit. If you like the conditions, you can always stay. If not, you can look at one of the other hotels in Nephi, Utah.

  1. Motel 6

This is the cheapest hotel that you can stay at in the area. The price of one room is a little under $50 in most seasons.

These 6 options might be exactly what you are looking for. If you are not satisfied with any of the hotels in Nephi, Utah, you can always focus on one that is nearby. The recommended choices in this case are:

  • Tintic Goldminers Inn in Eureka
  • Osborne Inn in Spring City
  • Quality Inn in Payson


Best Hotels In Nephi, Utah Near I-15

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